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Thank you Sister B!

Seminary Gratitude Video

Stephanie Barnhurst has been teaching seminary since 2010. That is 11 years! A lot of students and lessons - and many changes in course and curriculum. A dedicated teacher and great influence on many of our young people.

Please fill out the form and complete a gratitude video. This will be provided to Sister Barnhurst for a record of her faithful service and help her to remember in the years to come the amazing youth she taught.

Record Your Gratitude Video

Take a few minutes - take a deep breath, then record a gratitude video for Sister Barnhurst. No need to be fancy or rehearse a speech. Just a short and simple video expressing your gratitude for her teaching throughout the years. Maybe you share a specific experience or memory, or maybe how your life has been affected since seminary.

Take your time, and record as many videos as you like.